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TILT Music Blog – The Organ

A few days off, nothing on the scenery that actually made me write about it.  Then came across this canadian group called The Organ.  An all female ensamble that replenishes that void left from 80’s acts such as The Smiths, The Cure, Sioxsie, etc.  Also they tend to remind me, mostly for the vocals and the melodies, to Rainer Maria.  Unfortunately the group is no more, calling it quits last year, but they leave us with an EP and a full length album.  The funny thing is, like many other groups (and boy do I personally know this) myspace has provided an extended live to deceased bands, and actually an infinite lifespan.  As long as their space is up, people can find information about them, and listen to their tunes, and write to them.  They have three songs up on their space.  Their most recognized tune is “Brother” which appeared in the soundtrack for the TV Series “The L Word”.  The other songs, “Steven Smith” and “Memorize The City” have the same vibe of bass driven tunes with shiny chorus filled guitars.  I like it when I find a band that all it’s member’s are females.  I guess I find it refreshing.  Why don’t you give them a try.


Video for the song “Brother”

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