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NEWS – New Look for Logos Y Titulos and future updates

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Well it was one of those things that I had coming for a while, I just never seemed to find a theme that felt right.  This one was perfect.  It maintained the current vibe but it looks crisper, tighter and…well it just looks better all around.  We’ve also included the “Share This” feature so you can share these entries in multiple social locations.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been posting as I would have wanted but time is at a premium lately and my most recent project (Why The Hell Did You Click That?) is taking most of it.  If you are a computer user that desperately seeks simple answers, this might be the place for you.  Grab the RSS Feed, have the posts sent to your email or join us on Facebook…it’s all good.  I’ve also included an RSS widget here to your right, where you can see the last five stories on Why The Hell… so you can have an idea of what I’m talking about over there.

What’s next? Well, unfortunately not a hell of a lot.  I’ll be posting in the next couple of weeks two more entries for the TILT Music Blog on my favorites albums of 2009 and 2010.  I also have a short story in English that circles around a letter written by a man wanting to quit the universe.  Yes, I know how it sounds, but I think it’ll be funny.  Finally I’ve been getting a lot of hits on the two Saddo The Clown cartoons I did, so I might make one or two more just for laughs (or tears?)

Thanks for reading.


My New Project – Why The Hell Did You Click That?

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

So no, I haven’t disappeared from the planet.  I still write, and actually I have a nice set of short stories I’ll be uploading here some time soon, but in the meantime I’ve been focusing my writing on technology.  I started doing that in this blog, so now I plan to promote the entries as well.

The blog is not for technical people.  It’s directed to non savvy every day users that feel that when they need answers they find complex ones that do not address people like them but technical people.  I offer simple solutions to every day questions and actually have a form to receive questions from readers and I’ll write about what you want to hear.  No technical jargon if you don’t want to read it, and if you do, I’ll redirect you to where you can find it.

So give me a visit, and if you like it, follow it by email or rss and recommend to a friend.  The name of the blog?

Here’s a link to the introduction post


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