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Opinión Musical: La Emergencia de Florecer Entre Canciones Y Piraguas (Superaquello)

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hace bastante tiempo que no escribo sobre música. Entre la disponibilidad para hacerlo y decidir de que quiero escribir, muchas veces termino tomando la ruta del holgazán proletariado. Aparte de que es realmente difícil poder expresar la amalgama de emociones personales que un grupo logra proyectar en mí de manera articulada y que a la vez le permita al lector llenarse de la energía que uno trata de transmitir. Si encima de eso le sumamos el hecho de que la gente hoy día prefiere leer el título, el primer párrafo e interpretar de que trata el resto del documento, las ganas de escribir bajan más que las acciones en el mercado de Wall Street ante cualquier acción del congreso de tipo progresista. Read more…


TILT Music Blog – My Favorite Albums in 2008

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the past few years I’ve been part of a music message board (Pulso Rock) where at the end of every year we post our individual favorite albums that we’ve listened to that particular year but released that same year.  It has slowly become a nice little tradition that we still continue.  So I decided to start documenting on my own blog my choices and perhaps give a little bit more information on my choices.   I will start with previous years and later on I’ll include my 2010 picks (considering I’m still adding to the list).  There will be albums in English and in Spanish and sometimes maybe even on another language.So I hope you enjoy my lists and share with me on the comments what have been your favorite albums of such years.  If you click on the artwork of each album you’ll be taken to the group’s MySpace page so you can listen to some of their music, if my two liners and the art entice you.  If you click on the artist’s name, for the ones that have a hyperlink, you can go to a previous review I’ve done about that particular group in my blog. Read more…

TILT Music Blog – Faded Paper Figures

October 31, 2008 2 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a group that makes me want to write about them.  I keep looking but either I’m getting pickier or there is nothing out there impressing me.  Then I decided to give Faded Paper Figures a listen and I must say it’s good to get what you crave when you are craving it.

Read more…

TILT Music Blog – Manos De Topo

September 9, 2008 1 comment

This entry is going to be a tough sale for some.  I’ve sometimes read description of his style of music as Bizarre Pop so you can see where I’m going with this.  Manos De Topo is an indie group from Spain localized in Barcelona that have slowly but steadily grown their fan base by playing the tune of being different. Read more…

TILT Music Blog – Sr. Chinarro

I’ve known of Sr. Chinarro for a while now. They have always fallen in my category of good spanish indie, second to Los Planetas, but always had a problem with their albums. After a while, the thing that I like about them (the low pitch voice and lineal arrangements) got to me, and I grew tired. So although I continued to acknowledge how good they were, I could not listen to a whole album in one try.  Fasf forward a few years and the group comes charging again. Read more…

Discografía – Los Planetas: Invandiendo Nuestra Galaxia Musical Con Su Sonido Sónico

Integrantes Actuales:
Juan “J” Rodríguez: Voz y Guitarras
Florent Muñoz: Guitarras
Banín: Teclados, guitarras, xilófono y Muestras
Eric: Batería y percusiones
Miguel: Bajo
Este grupo de músicos originales de Granada, España llevan una larga trayectoria llena de cambios de integrantes, altas y bajas musicales pero siempre creando un sonido innovador y expandiendo las fronteras musicales de su proyección audiofónica: Los Planetas. Read more…

TILT Music Blog – La Casa Azul

November 1, 2007 Leave a comment

Well here they come again.  No it’s not the New Brady Bunch, it’s La Casa Azul.  This group from Barcelona, Spain has hit the market with a new album titled “La Revolución Sexual” (the sexual revolution) which continues their known tradition of 70’s funk, disco, electronic and god knows what else I just know it’s good.  Read more…

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