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TILT Music Blog – My Favorite Albums in 2008

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the past few years I’ve been part of a music message board (Pulso Rock) where at the end of every year we post our individual favorite albums that we’ve listened to that particular year but released that same year.  It has slowly become a nice little tradition that we still continue.  So I decided to start documenting on my own blog my choices and perhaps give a little bit more information on my choices.   I will start with previous years and later on I’ll include my 2010 picks (considering I’m still adding to the list).  There will be albums in English and in Spanish and sometimes maybe even on another language.So I hope you enjoy my lists and share with me on the comments what have been your favorite albums of such years.  If you click on the artwork of each album you’ll be taken to the group’s MySpace page so you can listen to some of their music, if my two liners and the art entice you.  If you click on the artist’s name, for the ones that have a hyperlink, you can go to a previous review I’ve done about that particular group in my blog. Read more…


TILT Music Blog – TILT Mix Tape #3

August 2, 2008 Leave a comment

On this third installment of TILT’s Mix Tape, I continue to include songs from groups I’ve already reviewed on the blog.  In this one, with the exception of one or two, most of groups have more of a “rock” vibe going on.  Most of them are well known inside their nitches, but I can’t say any of them have received great commercial success.  Read more…

TILT Music Blog – Eef Barzelay / Clem Snide

August 29, 2007 Leave a comment

This is the first time I review two myspace pages at the same time, but there is a good reason.  Clem Snide is the main group, Eef Barzelay is the lead singer that has a solo project.  It is the first time I come across them, so I see little difference between band and solo project, but that matters not, because they are both incredibly good.  There’s a sincerity found on Eef’s voice that deeply reminds me of Nick Drake and the vocals some times reminds me of Billy Corgan, from the Smashing Pumpkins.  Read more…

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