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Like many times before, I hear about artists before I actually hear them…if that makes any sense.  I’ve always said you listen to a group when it is the time to do it.  Enter Aerogramme to the picture.  The first time I heard of them I think it was January.  A friend from Spain told me I had to hear their latest music which as it turns out is a big shift from their previous material which was a bit less mellow and less melancholic. 

This time the proposed music was softer, full of chords and arrangements with crecendos and well distributed melodies, but the key word was to mellow; at least at that time when first mentioned. 

Then we travel in time to the present and my wonderful ipod which I love to play in random.  One rainy Friday leaving the office for lunch the damn thing played a song called “You Are Always Welcome” and I have to say that was it.  I was hooked.  All it took was for me to listen to it at the right moment.  The song started with a mellow guitar playing some arpeggio notes some sincere and honest lyrics and a great strings arrangement. 

So I decided to listen to a few more of the songs from their latest album “My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go“.  Enter the song “Barriers“.  A waltz infused piano, together with a nice march beat and a nice ol’ violin that ends the song in a sweet solo. Orchestral synchronicity is the final result which happen to be just wonderful.

The group that is composed of Craig on guitar and vocals, Iain on guitar and programming, Campbell on bass and Martin on drums, have made a great effort on their latest work to present a softer side to what they are capable of with their great use of accentuations that tend to explode in the nicest of ways with a philarmonic vibe although maintaining the rock thing going on.

Since this is not an album review, I can also mention songs from their previous albums such as “The Ocean Red” from The Glam Ripple EP included in their myspace page that follows the mood of the other songs uploaded like “Descending” and “Post Tour Pre Judge“.

The band has an interesting note on the page that resonates with me, a musician and it says “No crappy press release has ever made me want to listen to a band. Its all smoke and mirrors“.  I’ve seen my share of press releases and for the most part, they are just inflated with stuff that doesn’t even start mentioning what the band is all about.  In my opinion, this band is all about getting to your soul and interacting with the softer side in you.  My heart has a wish that they would make some more music like this.


Video for the song “Barriers”

  1. adventurefriends
    August 18, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Long live Aereogramme!

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