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TILT Music Blog – TILT Mix Tape #2

Back again for a second mixtape of songs from groups I’ve reviewed on this blog.  Once again I’ve used mixwit.com as the host of choice.  This time I tried to give the songs a little bit of more orderly transition between them.  You know, a more organized compilation and not just random tracks.

 The songs in this compilation, are again ten from groups that start with a country-folk sound, going thru a little bit of rock, and ending with some electronic.  Some of the songs I’ve picked here are among my favorites of such groups, specially the first one.  Clem Snide has very fast, raised the ladder to my favorite groups and this song is so ironic and sarcastic to a theme I tend to be the same way to, that I just love it.  In the middle of the compilation is Richard Hawley and his suave voice and arrangements easily compared to the Sinatra and vocal performer years but with a modern production and him playing some instruments.  This song in particular is the best one in my opinion on his last album.  And the last song of the compilation is from Unicorn Dream Attack, a group that I belief, in the 8bit circuit, is one of the most talented.  What this guy can do with such vintage materials, is just formidable and not easy to mimic. 

So there you guys have it, a second mix tape, to help you take a closer look at some good music out there.  Some of it not getting any publicity whatsoever by the mainstream.  Enjoy.


Playlist for Mix Tape #2:

1.Clem Snide – Jews For Jesus
2.McCarthy – Red Sleeping Beauty
3.The Organ – Brother
4.Jens Lekman – Clap Your Hands
5.The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance
6.Richard Hawley – Tonight The Street Are Ours
7.The Coral – Dreaming Of You 
8.MIKA – Grace Kelly
9.Broadcast – We’ve Got Time
10.Unicorn Dream Attack– b34ut1ful 3y3s

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