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TILT Music Blog – Alkaline Trio

Today I bring you a review on Alkaline Trio.  Yes I know, these guys are not really unknown, as a matter of fact they have a pretty nice career that expands through eight albums and ten plus years.

Going from a very crude, simple guitar lead sound, to where they are today on a more produced level, with more emphasis on the details, the choruses and the overall harmony of the melody one can think the group has transcended many limitations that fans and labels together can place on a group.  It’s very difficult to go from a punk-like environment to semi commercial success without pissing off a lot of people in the way, but one can never keep everyone happy so the best thing to do is what they are doing…music.

The guitars of Matt Skiba keep taking charge even though now we don’t have that void in the sound when he’s playing lead guitar   witharrangements in the background that give it a more professional feel.  The vocals still kick ass with the intensity that both Matt and Dan Andriano put on their respective tunes.  On a personal note, I always preferred  Dan’s songs over Matt’s, even though they were a lot less since Matt is lead singer and Dan’s main job is the bass.  The drummer, well this position has changed a few times until the met Derek Grant.  The guy  keeps the beats where they should be.  Someone else worth mentioning since the new direction the group took after the album “Good Mourning” in 2003 is the participation of a second guitar on stage, usually this being Nolan McGuire a friend from the old Chicago Days but not oficially in the group.

The band has recently redone their myspace page, with the release of their 8th studio album titled “Agony & Irony“.  This album is a continuation of what we’ve gotten to like about the group since the more ellaborated sound came about around 2003.  Matt and Dan keep singing, the guitars keep a rockin’ and we keep singing along them nice melodies.  Among the songs worth listening to are “Calling All Skeletons” which has a very poppy clap thing going on the intro but then it goes on to what we know of the group.  Agonizing lyrics and punk-like guitars and I believe that should be the first single of the album.  Aside from that, “Help Me” and “In Vein” from this latest album plus on their site, you can also listen to a few other songs from previous albums.  If you are interested in seeing them live, their calendar is there so take a peek.

In summary, Alkaline Trio might be a formula punk band these days, like most tend to be (just take a look at Bad Religion), but when a formula works, there is no reason why one should not take another dose. 


video for the song “Mercy Me” from the previous album “Crimson” 2005

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