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I’ve known of Sr. Chinarro for a while now. They have always fallen in my category of good spanish indie, second to Los Planetas, but always had a problem with their albums. After a while, the thing that I like about them (the low pitch voice and lineal arrangements) got to me, and I grew tired. So although I continued to acknowledge how good they were, I could not listen to a whole album in one try.  Fasf forward a few years and the group comes charging again. On a first impression nothing had changed. The same vibe of mellow tunes that kept the same format from start to finish, space that could have been filled by a second guitar making great noises and feedbacks, but that’s when I realized that’s not what they want to do. The always acoustic charged tempo of Antonio Luque’s songs have made a space of their own without trying to be something they are not. You can find similarities with other artists (like the one I already mentioned) yet you cannot say they are copying or trying to be them.

In this new album called “Ronroneando” the group maintains their position in the indie scene in Spain and grows a bit in the hearts of those who dare to allow themselves to be released from any preemptive decision-making. Acoustic POP reigns the vast majority of the songs, with more friendly than usual vocal melodies on the songs.

Some of those that are worthy of listening to include “Los Ángeles” which on a special tv appearance on TVE, Jota, lead singer of fellow spanish indie band Los Planetas, sang with the Sr. Chinarro. It is one incredible song, if not one of the best the group has ever made. Aside from that “Anacronismo” includes a duet with a female, whose voice I’m sorry to say, I don’t recognize at this time. Also “La Resistencia” has some nice lyrics followed by their traditional strumming and the tambourine on choruses and more melody in the vocals which is always nice in my opinion.  All three of these songs you can listen on the groups myspace page. 

Video for the song “Del Montón” from the älbum “El Mundo Según”.



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