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Blogging around I came accross this group The New Raemon.  Right off bat the name of the album, “A Propósito de Garfúnkel“, got my attention mostly because of how the accentuation on the u changes the pronunciation to the last name in spanish, (Gar-foon-kel).  Once the funny feeling subsided, it was the songs that kept my attention at bay.  The sound was simple enough and the vocals, well, the vocals where different.  Like on most pop rock albums, you tend to guess where the melody will be going next, since for the most part, we’ve heard it all by now.  Yet this guy, is able to surprise me in the direction he takes the vocal melody, which I must say it’s kind of nice and not common at all.

The solo project of Ramón Rodríguez, also member of the groups Madee and Ghouls’n’Ghosts, finds a way to mix melancholy and folk with ironic and irreverent lyrics, that all of a sudden get you off guard and leave you like “wha?” or in the case of one of the song leave you thinking of chinese food.  His lead influences are clear on the music (I mean come on, just read the title of the album) but he mentions other artists such as Javier Alvarez and Little Britain that most definitely match the kind of musical proposal Ramón gets together. 

Among the songs, I must say that my favorite two songs are not on the myspace, those being “La Cafetera” and “Tú Garfúnkel“, but you can find them both (actually all of them)  and listen to them on his webpage that I mention at the end of the review.  The first one has a bright acoustic guitar beginning that once again confuses you into who the hell it can be, since it’s a fairly common entrance to a song, then he starts singing and you can tell them apart.  The second song, is farily mellow and you only listen to a guitar for the better half of the song, then the whole band kicks in in a crecendo and ending with a well harmonized chorus.  Beside those two songs, “El Cau Del Pescador“, following the line of the first song, is one to enjoy as well.  The song “El Saben Aquel Que Diu” starts with a slight resemblance to Manolo García, and then once the band kicks in, takes the traditional acoustic indie band sound well known in Spain and that I love so much.

So in a nutshell, it was a coincidence to come across this artist, but I’m happy I did…although I can’t get out the line “se me enfría la comida y el arroz se me atraganta” from the song “Tú Garfúnkel“…don’t know yet if that’s a good thing or not.  The New Raemon does not have an official video out, but there’s a couple of live performances caught by fans on youtube.  I’ve included two of those.  Enjoy!



Video (live) for the song “El Cau Del Pescador“.

Video (live) for the song “Tú Garfúnkel“.

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