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TILT Music Blog – Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto is a musician from Brazil that I discovered thru a friend.  At first I did not paid much attention to him, but after random plays, I grew quite attached to it.  I went to his myspace page and came across with a personal page with a multi song player and a hell of a long variety of tracks and remixes.  Most of the songs of his “Chromophobia” album are there and that is a must have album for those who like minimalist electro music with lots of discotheque influences.  Mostly instrumental but there’s a brief vocal cameo.

This reinnasence man (architect, musician, and producer) creates great atmosphere music, elegant enough for chic lounges and some are danceable enough for any box social.  I must say that music aside, the cover of what seems to be his most recent album, is quite catchy and in a simbiotic way, does present the public with what the sound inside will be.  It’s a kaleidoscopic combination of solid colors if that even makes sense.

Regarding the songs, I must say that my favorite is “Beautiful Life“, which is also the song from the video I’ve included.  It’s catchy, it has vocals and it has a nice beat to it.  Other tracks such as “The Blessing” and “Xilo” are mellower, perfect for background music when having a nice get together or having a few drinks at a bar.  “Like You (Supermayer Mix)” from another album, goes in the same direction as Beautiful Life.  “Beluga” on the other hand would fall more on the minimal dance song, perfect for those people who love to do remixes and overwhelm it with crap.  The good thing is that he seems to have all of his material available on the myspace page, granted it’s just exerpts from his works (mainly  30 seconds to a minute of each track)  but it’s enough to determine if one likes it or not.  Minimalist electro/discoteque fans, this recommendation is for you.


Video for: gui boratto beatifull life

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