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Graphic Novel Review – Chronicles of Wormwood

This is another one of the graphic novels I’ve come accross lately.  I’m quite picky regarding what I read (well that’s not completely true…not so long ago I read  a few of The Simpsons Comics), but nevertheless, this story seemed very unorthodox and quite pushy in religious concepts which tends to be my favorite kind of reading material lately.  Wormwood brings us a very unusual story of friendship and family issues in a supernatural kind of way.  This is the story of likable guy named Danny Wormwood, who just happens to be the antichrist.  He is upset with his father (the devil of course) for trying to plan his life and takes a U-turn on the direction he want’s to take his life and starts doing his own thing, with an ocassional visit from his dad trying to make him see the big picture.

He moves from England where he was born from the union of a Jackal and a homeless whore (I know it sounds familiar) to New York City and becomes a big shot TV producer creating TV shows that push the envelope in social, religious and culture themes.

He is a generous man who searches for anonimity, yet has the great ability to be an asshole when the occasion calls for it.  He has a girlfriend who he treats like a queen, except when he has the opportunity to screw some other historical character that seems to be immortal like him.  He has a pet rabbit, who he gave the ability to speak, and it spents its time online getting people to do evil things.

As if that wasn’t enough to hook you with the story, he’s best friend is Jesus, he seems to be a bit retarted and he is black.  Apparently Jesus was supposed to be back and do the shit he did all over again (the dying for our sins bullshit) but he told his dad he was going to do it his way.  What he didn’t count on was humans being a bunch of assholes, and left him with scar in his brain tissue making him a little slow.

Now this is just the review of the first issue, of this six part series.  I can only imagine it getting better from here.  Written by Garth Ennis, best known for his previous work “Preachers“, likes his stories to include violence, black humour, a disdain for organized religion (the thing that attracted me to this story) and mainly, contept to superheroes.  Another important part of the staff is Jacen Burrows as the artist in charge who did an exceptional job.  Enough to keep me hooked, because one of the possible pitfalls of a graphic novel is that the story can be lost in translation if the drawings don’t do justice to them.  It is the perfect mesh of writer and artist that create a winner in any league.  Be that the Justice League stories, or antiheroe character leagues.

The novel was published by Avatar Press and it came out in 2006, finished by 2007.  I most definitely recommend it to those who are open minded about two things: reading graphic novels without feeling childish, and those with a very low opinion on organized religion.

  1. Yaro Cruz
    May 12, 2008 at 8:20 am

    I’m bookmarking this. I’ve been for a long time looking to get into reading graphic novels, but never now were to start. This sounds like something I’ll enjoy very much.

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