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Graphic Novel Review – Y: The Last Man

Well, this is a recent thing for me.  I know most of us, tend to collect comic books when we are growing up.  Some keep at it and become comic geeks conoceurs (not that there’s anything wrong with it), others throw them away and forget them.  In my case, I’ve had a re-discovery of them in what’s called graphic novels.  This first one I’ll review is called Y: The Last Man by Vertigo Comics.

Now, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the traditional superheroes comic books (although we all love the movies, right?) but I’m liking the more non-traditional anti-heroes with more than oblique apocaliptic scenarios.

In this particular story I was attracted to it by it’s central point: One day, all of a sudden all of the men, and Y chromosome carrying beings, died.  Considering that most of the business and countries are run by men by a margin of 80%-20% you can imagine the chaos.

Women inherit the earth, but with a catch, they can procreate, so what do they do? The same thing men would do…go crazy.  Well not all of them.  Some try to maintain the government, and try to create order out of the massive disorder.  There also is a group of women that turn into Amazonian (you know, like from where Wonder Woman comes from…they don’t need men, yari yari yara).  Other countries start thinking of invading other, and so on.

In the middle of all this craziness, one man and his male monkey friend survive.  He is smart but quite stupid because he losses his temper easily and let’s himself to be known by many female along his way to find his girlfriend stranded in of all places, Australia.  His mother a senator of the US tries to keep him locked and safe but of course the kid is a magician and knows how to escape from confinement (well it’s better than making him an expert marksman). 

There is more to the story, like an apparent spell that probably started all this, a scientist that can clone people and the actual mistery of how this kid and his monkey survived.  No I know must man think “wow, last man on earth, I can have any woman I want”…I’m not so sure.  Crazy women are not my cup of tea. 

This is just the first volume of the series, which in its way is just a compilation of episodes 1-5 (single comic book).  It started in January 2003 with this volume 1 called “Unmanned” and volume 10 called “Whys and Wherefores”, which if I’m not mistaken will be released this summer and could be the last one.  If you like spoilers, then I’d suggest you visit the wikipedia page for the series that has plenty of details, but if you like surprises, keep away from it.

Also I think it’s worth mentioning that Hollywood seems to think it’s a worthwhile graphic novel, considering that IMDB has on record that a movie will be released in 2009 but with no other information.

If you are interested, you can download a sneekpeak from the Vertigo page.


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