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TILT Music Blog – Lonely Drifter Karen

Here we are, once again to bring you the most recent acquisition of mine.  Being always in this middle ground between mellow folky music and electro pop I just can’t help myself when I find artists that sound just like I feel like listening.  Today was a very unusual morning for a monday, meaning I was not wishing I was still in bed and was listening to happy pop music such as Barenaked Ladies, La Casa Azul, Amarillo, Fish&Chips, etc. 

Then I got this recommendation from a friend telling me it reminded him of that other artist I reviewed not so long ago “Russian Red”.  The name of this one was “Lonely Drifter Karen” and I must say that I was impressed from the first note of the first song.  You can tell from her songs, without knowing anything from her, that she’s a child of european music.  Influences of various countries, intertwined in an amicable peformance of instruments.  The voice of this austrian born singer, combined with the extravagant piano of Marc Melia and the drummin’ of Giorgio Menossi give life to this project’s album titled “Grass Is Singing” recorded In Barcelona, Spain.  Among the songs that jump out and grab your attention are “This World Is Crazy” that carries a playful yet jazzy vibe of the Billy Holiday days.  Also “Carousel Horses” has a traditional jewish song vibe marked by the bass going “dim-dum-dim-dum” all during the song.  It primarily reminded me of a song by Jose Luis Perales called “Que Pasara Mañana” but of course I’m aware there’s plenty of people with that kind of melody on at least one of their songs.  Also the song “Climb” is interesting enough with it’s fast paced piano, claps and wind instrument (don’t know which one, maybe an oboe) tends to remind me of Willie Wonka’s original movie and in the middle of it, I could sense the french influences and it was when I felt the versatility of this european trio.  Definitely not a commercial development for this side of the Atlantic, but nonetheless, a well crafted piece of work.  If you are open minded and love european music, give it a chance.  You might like it.


Video for the song “The Owl Moans Low

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