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TILT Music Blog – I Am Robot And Proud

I have to thank my friend Fede for this find.  After pressing play on the player I was enchanted by the sweet tones coming out of the speakers.  I Am Robot And Proud, is just the kiind of music I’ve been looking to find in the past few weeks.  I’ve come close and find some nice artists in the interim, but I wanted to find something mellow, sweet, with nice beats, instrumental and resembling what I’m currently doing. 

And I found that in this group that comes from Canada, which technically is not a group, is just one guy; Shaw-Han Liem.  His myspace is currently promoting his latest album “The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing” and some of the songs on their player are from that album.  Among the ones I’d recommend you listen to first are “The Electricity In Your House” that starts with a broken piano sounds and eventually including a nice electro beat.  Also “Neil Lake” has a sublime and mellow vibe to it.  From the other songs from previous recordings “Learn From Mistakes” again follows a mellow start and after a few minutes introduces friendly drum sets.  I have the album so I can listen to the whole thing and I must say, I’m liking it a lot, so if you like The Postal Service, Balún, El Zoológico, The Notwist, and even if you like my group Micro-Escopio, then most definitely you will like I Am Robot & Proud.  Enjoy!


Video “When I get My Ears” done by a fan

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