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TILT Music Blog – Slagsmålsklubben

Well I’m finally back.  Yes it took me a little longer than expected but hey, we all have our own stuff to deal with.  Anyways, let me start with a bang.  I came across this group by my electro partner in crime Mike Mellow from Micro-Escopio.  This is a sextet of guys with keyboards, midi controllers, beatmakers, etc. that take it upon themselves to POP you away with some good electro.  I’m talking about Slagsmålsklubben.  I’m not sure what the name would translate to but it doesn’t really matter.  This guys from all over the place in Europe (Stockholm, Belin and Sweden) are part of a generation of eclectic soundmakers that rely almost completely on  digital artefacts such as midi controllers, keyboards, synths, music boxes.  Their new album called “Boss For Leader” was picked up by EMI in 2007 creating a bigger distribution network for this group that energizes audiences with their upbeat adrenaline full shows (in an electro geek kind of way…and yes I would be one of those). 

Songs that really kick it on this album are “Haent” which has a nice electro vibe with some parts that remind me of Safri Duo, “Sponsored By Destiny” which is a very techno beat mixed with high pitched keys and of course my favorite “Speedboats” which starting sounds remind one of an eighties montage scene in a movie, then switches to a great melody by the synth to dance the night away.  Yes people…it’s time for the …tronic’s to take over.  Be that bitronic, poptronic, folktronic or just plain and simple elec-tronic.  Join the party…or don’t…your call.  See you around soon with some new groups to listen to.


High Morning Prominade (Video)

Hänt (Live on Swedish Television SVT Video)

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