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Well here they come again.  No it’s not the New Brady Bunch, it’s La Casa Azul.  This group from Barcelona, Spain has hit the market with a new album titled “La Revolución Sexual” (the sexual revolution) which continues their known tradition of 70’s funk, disco, electronic and god knows what else I just know it’s good.  I’ve known of them for a while and have their previous album, yet they seemed to fade for a while.  Well after looking around their myspace I found out otherwise.  They have this new album which you can listen to it’s entirety there and if you are an ol’timer you’ll probably go back in time to your 8-tracks and LP’s.  If you are not, then you’ll go back in time to your last halloween theme party where you dressed up with your parents old clothe.  This new album has some pretty fav tracks including the one that gives name to the album “La Revolución Sexual” which sounds to traditional La Casa Azul.  “La Nueva Yma Sumac” has some influence to the 8bit fever that’s been going around (I should know).  Also “Chicos Malos” seems pretty fun to listen to.  It’s a great album for those people that like the sound and hate when bands do a 180 change on their follow up album.  You won’t find any of that here.  Great Disco Pop music to dance your hip away.


video for the song “supergüay” from their previous album

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