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I’ve been a little lazy lately and haven’t been lurking around the site.  So I was browsing some other blogs and they had an album of a group called Broadcast.  So I decided to go to myspace and listen to them. Pretty damn good was my first opinion.  It has a groove reminiscent to the 60’s era, yet has all the electronic elements that make them feel right at home, here in the twenty first century.  The vocals of Trish Keenan in songs like “Illumination” and “Where Youth and Lau…” both tracks from their latest album “The Future Crayon” 2006, are sweet and melancholic and capables of inducing memory voyages to whatever your mind attaches this well developed songs.  Aside from this two songs, on their myspace there are two other from the 2005 release “Tender Buttons“.  The songs don’t sound quite the same, a little more rough in their interpretation (perhaps the choice of sounds) yet it’s quite good if you like to listen to a group that changes it up a bit on every record.  “Corporeal” stand out more than the other tune. So what else is there to say? They are british, they kick ass and if I had to determine and give their sound a name I guess I would pick minimalist electro dream pop.  But that’s just me.  What do you think?


video for the song “Tender Buttons, from that same album


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