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TILT Music Blog – YMCK

Yes, I’m going thru a 8bit phase.  There’s so much great artists performing with this retro technology that is just a mix between going down memory lane and enjoying new ideas implemented with this devices (such as game boys, and NES sounds).  The artist I’m recommending today is a group called YMCK and they are from Japan.  They mix jazz vocals with traditional 8bit game console sounds, but with a pop jazz vibe.  It’s very interesting, very easily could have been music from a game, but they give it a certain ZAZ.  From what I see they have two albums available and on their myspace from the four songs they have available, “Magical 8Bit Tour” and “Come On Swing All…” are the most entertaining (I mean considering that I don’t fully understand Japanese).  If you feel like listening to some nostalgic sounds, or you are into the electronic 8bit scene or are just curious about all this ruckus, then give them a listen.


Video for “Go, YMCK, Go” from their latest album “Family Racing”

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