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TILT Music Blog – Unicorn Dream Attack

Probably when you hear the word revival you don’t think of this kind of music, but that’s pretty much what this is.  Unicorn Dream Attack is one of this bands that are reviving what I like to call the nintendotronic sound.  You can call them IDM, electro, but the 8bit sound it’s reminescent of those old video games we used to play.  And while some people would hear them and go “what the heck is that”, a bunch of people (including me) are going “that is sweet”.  The creativity that undergoes using vintage electronics (incredible, they are vintage already) such as game boys, and old casio keyboards and computer sequencing gives us songs as formidable as “b34ut1ful 3y3s” and “4l0n3“.  The first one combines  a dance beat that it’s hard not do move to, and the second one, gives a more mellow vibe with vocals that sound processed thru a stomp box.  And to those of you out there thinking this is a one trick pony, you have another thing coming.  It is my belief that the combination of 8bit sounds and electro is gonna be the next big thing in the music scene here in the states (late like always, but hey better than never).  So listen to such good groups like UDA and get into the gr00v3 k1d5.


MidWest Bent Festival 2007

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