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TILT Music Blog – The Corals

The Corals, seem to be a well established british group.  I just happened to cross path with them this morning.  I like what they do I must say.  It’s a modern output on good ol’ 60’s rock bands like cream, the beatles, and crooners like Nick Drake, Elvis Costello w/ Burt Baccarach and the depth of voice of Tony Bennet and Nat King Cole and if you see their listed “influences” you’ll see that this boys listen to a lot of oldies.  Their latest album “Roots & Echoes” can only be considered an “oldies revival”.  Honestly, is like listening to what our fathers generations listened to but with better instruments, better recording and better arrangements (although I’m sure some music guru would like to explain to me some b.s. as to why I’m incorrect, but it’s my blog so…what the hell do I care, right?  In their space they have four songs from this latest album and close to eight videos which I assume are from previous recordings.  From those four tracks I have to say that “Jacqueline” and “Rebecca You” are just beautiful songs, their structure, the composition and the melody.  I would have added some french horns but hey you can only revive so much right?  So if you are feeling like listening to some oldies in a new way…give The Coral a try.


Video for “Jacqueline” from the album “Root & Echoes”

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