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TILT Music Blog – Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman, he kind of reminds me to one of the characters in the 4400 show (Sean).  But what we get with him is a eclectic sound presented with a deep voice full of melody.  One more of this swedish invasion here on my myspace (I’ve noticed that I have something for swedish indie/pop).  The myspace I found says that it was created by a fan, and I could not find one that was “official” but this one had music anyways.  Four tracks from his second to last album called “Oh You’re So Silent Jens“.  This four songs are just wonderful and musically remind me quite a lot to The Magnetic Fields, but more romantic than hidden meaning on his songs.  “The Cold Swedish Winter” is a very simple song with lot of reverb on the background and a light acoustic guitar and the voice is the main thing here.  “Julie Rmx” has a more traditional TMF feel to it.  “Maple Leaves” has a set of strings and is a more complete song, insttrument wise.  The last one is “Past, Present and Future” and is more mellow than the others, more like spoken word with music in the back.  After I heard him I was hooked and went looking for his albums.  The album where this songs come from is so amazing, yet the most recent one departs from this style and although quite good, is not what I was looking for.  The video I added is from the “You Are The Light EP” from 2004.  So sit down and enjoy some deep voiced, mellow rhythmic, suave arranged indie.  “It’s good…it’s G.O.O.D.”.


Video for “You Are The Light”

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