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My pick for today is a group that I’ve known for a while.  I’ve even played with them on stage.  And even though I listened to their early material and demos and liked it already, I’ve listened to a few tracks from what I’ve understood will be their soon to be released full length album and it’s completely amazing.  Mabel (previously knowned as Aurora) have a pop sensibility (which we all established I love) while maintaining the rock look and feel and playing around with some modern sequencing ideas and some classic singer-songwriter kind of compositions.  The voice of Limari to me is very powerful and able to captivate with her melodies. They could even help transport a blind man…don’t mind me it’s sort of an internal joke.  In their myspace they only have one song (which in my opinion is the best one) called “Estrellarte“.  It has the hooks, it has the melodies, it has the great songwriting required to be a pop hit on the radio.  Now why don’t they have the other two tracks I listened in another site here on myspace, I do not know…maybe they’ll add it soon, or maybe they won’t.  The two other songs are “El Principio De Nada” and “Todo Esta Bien“.  Give them a try if you haven’t already…it’s one of those bands that you don’t regret listening to.  In my case that I don’t regret playing with and getting to know.

Their myspace page

where you can listen to the other two songs

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