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If we are gonna talk about indie in this blog we have to mention this group.  I had heard of McCarthy prior to finding them in myspace, yet did not gave them the thorough listening I should had.  This people where making the music we listen to now back in the 80’s in England.  I mean yes, Britain is well known for their versatility in music appreciation, yet in the 80’s indie? They probably where not so well received.  The songs on their myspace (which I’m assuming a fan put it up) are pretty good and I’m sure some of the most well known, yet I’ve heard others that I like better.  But from the ones in their myspace,   “Keep and Open Mind Or Else” carries a melody that I’ve heard tons of times from current bands.  “Celestial City” and “Bad Dreams” maintain the line with happy clean guitars and melodic vocals.  I know for a fact that bands like Los Planetas (one of my favorites) have been influenced directly by them, even to the point of taking inspiration on the melodies of such a song like “Write Your MP Today“.  Although their lyrics have been known for being politically charged, one can argue that, like it was mentioned on wikipedia, they are one of the best lost bands of the 80’s.


Video for “Keep An Open Mind Or Else”

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