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TILT Music Blog – Eef Barzelay / Clem Snide

This is the first time I review two myspace pages at the same time, but there is a good reason.  Clem Snide is the main group, Eef Barzelay is the lead singer that has a solo project.  It is the first time I come across them, so I see little difference between band and solo project, but that matters not, because they are both incredibly good.  There’s a sincerity found on Eef’s voice that deeply reminds me of Nick Drake and the vocals some times reminds me of Billy Corgan, from the Smashing Pumpkins.  And I can tell they are aware of him, since one of the songs of one of their early demos is called Nick Drake’s Tape.  This group/artist from Nashville, Tennesee, land of country music, has some seriously acoustic and soulful songs that can transport the listener and zone him out of his environment.  For all out there that only know Johnny Cash after the movie came out, you’ll like this vibe on a more modern front, kinda like Wilco.  At least I did while I listened to their vintage take of pop country.  From the Clem Snide space I could say that “I’ll be your mirror” and “Moment in the sun” are the most memorable ones.  From Eef’s solo project I must say that “Fight Song Melody” and “Beard Of Bees” which I could swear I could imagine Drake singing this tune.  So that’s a hell of a treat.  A very well deserved recommendation from my part. 




Video of Eef Barzelay “Little Red Dot Song”

Video of Clem Snide “Find Love”

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