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TILT Music Blog – Au Revoir Simone

Today I was remembering Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke’s movies “Before The Sunrise”/”Before The Sunset” and the music.  It was a hell of a movie and sequel and I was about to put on my Kath Bloom album when I came across this group called Au Revoir Simone.  A very simplistic and electro-pop arrangement on the songs that transported me to the movie.  Sweet, mellow, drum machines, keyboards, just what I love (among other things).  They could very easily have been in the soundtrack because they fit the mood so well. 

The group is made up of three ladies that all play keyboards and the drum machines and they all sing.  Most of the songs in their myspace are from their latest album “The Bird Of Music” where this newyorkers experiment with the simple samples of a keyboard and a drum machine. Hmmm why does that sound so familiar…ah yea. I used to do that before discovering Ableton. hehehe.  Among the best songs in the page “Sad Song” and “Stay Golden“.  You can also purchase their songs on their page.   So I just have to say one last thing give it up for Brooklyn because this group is awesome. 


Video for “Sad Song” from the lastest album “The Bird Of Music” 

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