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TILT Music Blog – Richard Hawkley

I just love finding artists all of a sudden.  Yes you tend to run across a lot of crap in the way, but hey, it’s just how it is when you have options.  This morning, browsing around I came across Richard Hawley and his space.  This country-crooner-folker musician is like a modern museum of old music totally renovated.  For moments you think you are listening to somebody in the Frank Sinatra era when you listen to songs like “Coles Corner” and “The Ocean“, both on his myspace page and from his previous album.  On the same page there are two from his current release “Lady’s Bridge“.  The guitar’s give it a more contemporary sound in the independent folk move, but his voice is just amazing.  The song “Tonight The Streets” has a very 50’s vibe to it and “The Sea Calls” is like something the late Mr. Cash could have sang.  There’s a way to listen to a few seconds of a lot of his other songs and buy them from the same page.  For a not so hot summer monday, it hits just the spot.  But you be the judge.


Video for “Coles Corner”


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