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After a few days off I show up and the funny thing is I did not intend to post today.  I’ve been looking and listening and getting some good bands to review here but none made me post.  Then looking around, I come across Apparat and BAM! it just hit me right in the face.I’ve been listening to their myspace most of the afternoon and I’m really really hooked.  It’s a very indie, sort of experimental electronica with vocals, that could very easily fall in the category of The Postal Service (one of my favorites groups).  The first song I heard was “Headup” and it was mesmerizing, the intro, the development, and the vocals.  I’m still wondering how come I never came across them before, but who cares I just did.  Their page has all of the 13 tracks of their latest album “Walls” released in 2007.  I’m just very excited about this album and completely recommend it to all of those that read this and are open minded enough to try new things.  A little departure from my mostly traditional indie-pop bands, but hey…it’s still POP…it’s still good. 🙂


Video for “You Don’t Know Me” from the latest album “Walls”.

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