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TILT Music Blog – Los Invisibles

This band is spanking new on my music library.  And for what I can see their myspace cannot be more than a few days old.  Los Invisibles is the side project of Banin and Florent, to key members of the renowned indie band from Spain, Los Planetas.  This just came out of nowhere (at least for people like me that don’t libe in the motherland).  The sound musically it’s pretty similar to what Los Planetas represent, in terms of guitars and saavy POP, yet the voice of Banin gives it a twist.  His voice reminds me of lead singer of Los Enemigos, long time punk band from Spain.  They have only four songs in their space, but man are they powerful enough.  I’ve been listening to them all day and I can’t get enough.  If I had to compare them to an album of their mother-group (which it’s something I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate but hey, people must know what to compare it to), I would say it can be compared to the album “POP”.  “El Vellocino Plateado” is my favorite so far, but the four songs are kicking ass.  I don’t know if they have some sort of demo out but I know I want it.  Give it a listen if you are a indie rock fan of groups such as Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo and of course Los Planetas.



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