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My latest discovery is a band from Spain that for the most part sings in english.  Their name is Individual, and they are a group of newcomers that have started with the right foot in the indie scene.  They have just played the ContemPOPranea Fest (which I’m freaking dying to go to…ughh) as revelation group of the year, which is quite an honor. Now I can sit here and tell you of the marked influences they have, but I much rather tell you what bands the remind me of such as Belle & Sebastian, Family and Camera Obscura.  Yet, they have certain moments that you can here a little Enrique Urquijo, or a little of Hombres G and even a little of Mikel Erentxun.  Now granted this artists are a little more commercial POP, still I’m a fan of all of them so I say it as a compliment (and it’s very minimal).  They have an EP out called “How Long Is Now” and their myspace has four of the songs.  Just listen to them in order, they are very good but I must say “The Hell Is Yours” is my favorite .  Oh, and did I mention you can download their demo from their page? So, go to it.


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