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TILT Music Blog – MIKA

Hey ya’ll I’m back.  I took a few days off.  And then I came back and encounter this group from England.  MIKA es some sort of pop rock with some nice groove and funny lyrics.  At times it’s like a trip to the lollypop sixties then it goes to it’s rockig time, to go back to the eighties and so on.  I have to say this first single “Big Girl You Are Beautiful”  it’s pretty fun and the video too.  Some sort of anthem for the not anorexic women (which predominate the land…thank heavens) who think the skinnier they are the hotter they look.  Anyway this is not the subject at hand.  Another track on the page is “Love Today”.  Like the other one, the bass is thick and loud but the voice melodies make it more pop.  I can easily compared them to Miranda, an argentinian group that has the same kind of vibe.  Friendly, happy, etc.  At some points it also reminds me of New Radicals in the vocal game the singer plays.  “Grace Kelly” is the third song on the myspace and it starts and I could have bet it was the group Queen, then it goes back to the high pitch vocals of Miranda.  It’s just nice fun music.  It won’t save the world or anything like that.  Sometimes it’s good to have something that makes you laugh without being actual comedy.  As a matter of fact I wonder if the first song made it to the hairspray movie.  It would fit perfectly. (pun intended).  Come on listen to it.  Have some fun.  The rest of the album which I acquired yesterday is the same cartoon-like music.  I recommend it if you are not to picky..and if you are..well then, screw you. 😛


video for “Big Girl You Are Beautiful”

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