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Todays pick is not what I would call a general public friendly band.  I’m quite fascinated by their sound, but it’s not for everybody, and I can tell you that off bat.  Once that has been said, let me tell you about the group and what I like about it.  It’s called Shapes & Sizes leaded by singer/keyboardist Caila.  It’s some mix of indie and pop with complete experimental overtures or some sort of organized chaos if you wanna get to the point.  They have this extended music segments on the songs that just sounds like perfect for somebody on a high high note (created by whatever alternate method you prefer).  They start simple enough and then stop and restart and continue and change and blow your mind (or at least mine).  For example, on their myspace they have four songs and the first song I heard was “AloneAlive” and it starts with a sound comparable to Rainer Maria, then it mellows a bit, goes with some fadding high pitch guitar sounds, and more of a spokenword with noise on the background.  amazing.  Then there’s “TellerSeller” which starts like any other The Shins song, yet it takes another direction midst way and blows your mind away, although I don’t think Caila sings that one.  On “Island’s Gone Bad” this canadian group remind me a bit to an indie group from Puerto Rico called “Superaquello” but just a bit, then, once again, they go in their own trip.  And so on.  The rest of the album Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner” it’s the same voyage.  If you are interested in good non commercial sort of experimental indie rock group, then don’t miss this one.  It’s a pretty fun adventure to listen to them.   


Live Video for song “Alone/Alive”

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