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No, you are not imagining.  Yes that’s me up there.  This is the group where I’m at now.  The one that started as a side project and now, well two years later it’s a main project.  We call ourselves Micro-Escopio.  No, I have no shame if you are asking tyourself hat right now.  But I thought, what the heck, you know? hehehe I won’t start describing how wonderful the music is (I guess I do have a little bit of shame left in me).  All I will say is that our latest EP “Melodias Microescopicas” is downloadable for free from our myspace page, and we are currently working on our new one.  It’s instrumental indie/electronic with 8bit influences.  For now anyways.  So, go in, listen to it, and feel free to let us know how good/crappy you find it and how cool/uncool it was for me to promote my own group on my blog.  At the end of the day…who gives a crap right? 😛  Enjoy and next week I’ll be back with a few new discoveries I’ve come across.  Oh and if you read this and you have a myspace of your own, why not subscribe to the blog? Plus, I’ve been considering moving the blog to wordpress and just post here on myspace the links to the other blog.  Any ideas?


NOTE: 04-12-08 New album ready on the site, with a few promotional video clips.  Both albums are free to download from our page.  Enjoy.

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