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I’ve been looking for this cd of The Thrills for a while, and finally I got it.  I found about them like I like…just by chance.  The first thing that attracted me to them I must admit was the colorful of the letters on the cover of this their latest album “Teenager“.  I visited their myspace page and luckily for me they have all of the songs of this album there.  The first song “The Midnight Choir” is completely mesmerizing in their own indie rock category.  The voice is a mixture of great singers out there, sometimes has the sweet and melancholic voice of Chris Martin (Coldplay) other times I feel like I’m listening to a younger not so grungy Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and as a whole I can see influences if only minimal of groups such as New Radicals and Athlete.  If they are not influences well, at least you know of other bands to listen to if you like this one.  The song featured on the video I’ve attached “Nothing Changes Around Here” it’s without a doubt one of the best of this album.  This record has this perfect amnesty of beautiful delightful sounds, combined with a nice to listen to voice, with well developed arrangements.  It’s not so rough, it’s not so mellow, it’s just right.  Like Grandma’s cookies.  So don’t mind if I go get me another serving.  Listen to them…you’ll like them.


Video for the song “Nothing Changes Around here”

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