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TILT Music Blog – California Snow Story

I was looking for the album of another band I was interested in and by a stroke of destiny I came across this band.  It’s incredible I did not knew of them, considering their roots.  California Snow Story is the newest project of former Camera Obscura guitarrist David Skirving.  The sweet essence of his previous work is still present here, and the traditionally suave strumming of the acoustic guitar, followed by a sad-tone voice on his part and of his co-singer Sandra.  Although CSS has been together for a few years now, it was not until this year that they’ve released their first full length album called “Close To The Ocean“.  There is not much I could say about the group, I mean, if you like Camera Obscura, you are definitely gonna love this project.  The differences are sutle and songs like “consolation song’ where he takes the lead gives us this new perspective.  On their myspace you can find four songs, three that the girl sings and one by David.  If you get a chance to get a hold of the album, do so.  It’s a nice group of indie songs that hit the spot when you know the kind of music you want to listen to and don’t wan’t to hear the same group over and over, it’s good to have more alternatives.


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