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TILT Music Blog – Jon Auer

This I acquired today.  The first song I heard from Jon Auer was “Six Feet Under” and I just traveled in time to when I was a kid and saw Willie Wonka for the first time.  The subtle xylophone sounds (that could very easily be made with a laptop now a days) attached to the simple guitar intro of just strumming on the chords, followed by a sweet voice, and later on by the rest of the instruments, reminded me to that first scene when they entered the candy room.  So I think it’s quite easy to understand  (for those of us who love that movie) that I was hooked without even listening to the rest of the tracks.  I kept listening to the other tracks in the page and must say that, the first song does makes justice to the rest of the songs.  On the page we get three from his latest album “Songs From The Year Of Our Demise” from 2006 which I got a lil’ while ago and I’m enjoying quite a bit.  Yes it’s folk-indie. (I don’t know why I keep looking for folk, or does it look for me? hmmm).  Another nugget of information some people might know others might not, is that Jon Auer is not a Jon Doe of the music scene.  He’s one of the founders of the group The Posies (yes, that’s why the voice sounded familiar).  On the myspace you can also purchase single tracks form his first EP.  So besides “Six Feet Under” which I just love, songs like “Tuesday” and “Angelita” also hit the spot.  Sometimes I wonder if Indie-Folk might get some space on the commercial music scene like emo has received and other sub genres have on the past.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  And no, John Mayer is NOT indie-folk.  Just before you thought of bringing that up.


Video for the song “Angelita” from his latest album “Songs From The Year Of Our Demise”

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