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TILT Music Blog – The Foundry Field Recordings

Today I decided to go a little more pop shoegazing to give the folk a rest.  What I came across, while browsing around was this group from Missouri called The Foundry Field Recordings.  Very sweet, very melodic guitars.  At times it was reminiscent to The Elected with music similar to that of Sonic Youth, but they do have their own thing going on.  There is one song in their space that reminds me to Los Planetas so damn much, the track “Beneath The Winter” from their latest album Prompt/MiscuesSo of course, knowing how I am, I wanted to listen to the whole album, so I got my hands on it.  It’s just incredible.  I’m very impressed by the voice, and I guess it’s what makes it a little bit more pop than shoegazing because for the most part I can understand what they are saying. hehehe. But truth of the matter is, it’s a good set of songs, and although their myspace only has but three songs, well they have a list of places they’ll be playing soon, so even better.  It’s a shame they play in NYC on a date I can’t make it to, but, I’ll catch them some other time. 



Video for the song “Assembled Hazardly” from their album Prompt/Miscues.

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