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TILT Music Blog – Lali Puna

So, it’s a friday, and i felt like listening to some electronic but nothing hardcore like drum and bass, so I looked around and found this album from Germany group  called “Lali Puna“.  They have a great godfather in band with the participation of Marcus Asher, member of The Notwist.  The soft lullaby-melodies combined with sometimes upbeat rhythms just hit the spot of what my ears wanted for this morning.  It’s no surprise my colleague in my group likes them so much, and also their influence is pretty marked on his own creations.  Songs like “bi-pet” , “middle curse” and “lowdown“.  Although none of this songs are currently on their myspace, they have songs from their most recent album now, from the tunes they have available to listen to I have to say that “This is the dream” and “micronomic” are te best ones.  I don’t see them having a lot of commercial sucess, but, if The Postal Service was able to get some attention, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to as well.  Once again, great melodies, great rhythms, great vocals.  Overall a great band to listen to for a chilled out sort of mellow but not quite sleepy mood…erm yeah. something like that.


video for “Middle Curse” from the album “Scary World Theory”

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