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Sidonie is a well established group in the indie scene in Spain.  They’ve been together for more than ten years and for the most part they would sing in english.  In the past few years, their latest recordings have been in spanish, including their recent release “Costa Azul” that has just barely gone out in the market.  I acquired a copy and I’m pretty impressed with the result.  I never followed them fully, yet I knew of them, and a few songs, but it’s the first time I sit down and pay attention to one of their albums.  What I found was very nicely developed POP music.  They have this sound that makes them sound as indie or as traditional rock as they want.  Sometimes reminding me of the guitar style of the Stones, and sometimes sounding like a J&M Chain-type band.  Yet maintaining their identity, specially in their songwriting.  It’s such a shame that their relative success it’s only in Spain.  I would love to see one of their live performances, since I’ve heard they are quite interesting.  I mean it’s just three guys with this relax look and layed-back singing style, yet quite effective in their presentation.  Their videos are pretty fun and damn… I love that they use Orange Amps, just freakin love it.  Funny note, some people in their homeland have had issues with their sort-of recent change to their native language spanish.  Personally I think they were just as good, keeping their thing going just with another language.  The ironic part is usually is the other way around that tends to happen.  Bands start in their native language, and then migrate to english to try to get the american/british market.  No matter, back to this album, songs that i think explode more than the others are “Costa Azul“, “Mi Canción De Domingo” and “Sylvia“.  Go visit their page, there’s a lot to see.


in their myspace there’s a few videos from the recording period of this new album and plenty of videos from previous recordings.


PS: on a side note, the blog is getting more hits everyday so thanks for those of you who visit.  Wether you leave liking the suggestions or going “wtf does this guy listens to?”  If you are a member of myspace, why don’t you just subscribe to the blog?  Thanks again for the visit.  Also feel free to suggest me bands myspace urls.  I’m always looking for my favorite band…..of the day.

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