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TILT Music Blog – Seabear

Well it’s back to basics.  Time to continue searching for some indie pop band from god knows where that sound like nothing on the radio.  This time I came across this group from Iceland called “Seabear“.  The first thing they reminded me of was Kings of Convenience, one of my favorites indie band out there.  The simpleness of the choruses, the tender vibration of the guitars with finger pickin piano keys and what sounds like a xylophone in the back mixed with folk influences.  This is the kind of band most “so called conoceurs” dislike because they say they imitate the originators of this style of music.  Of course we all know this people are full of it, (shit that is).  Just because somebody sounds like another artist, doesn’t mean they are imitating them, (although sometimes it is, specially in commercial music), but it could also mean, that similar influences, can direct different people in the same direction.  Going back to Seabear, their new album “The Ghost That Carried Us Away” is one of those that I would put on my ipod, and add all of the songs to a current playlist I might be listening to (if  I’m in a mellow mood of course. No need to mix them up with SOAD).  In their myspace page they have three tracks from that album that intersects some country rhythms that carry a nice violin and a guitar strumming that good mr cash could have sing on top of in the tune “Arc” and  “I Sing, I Swim“, a soft lullaby-like tune that just makes you smile  being so sweet (but not enough to give you a toothache).  So now I have one more indie band to lookout for, when they decide to tour the US.  Also as the video will show, they have been introduced in the film “The Science of Sleep” and I could not have picked a better movie for them. It just fits.


(song “I Sing, I Swim” as used on the movie “The Science of Sleep”)

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