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TILT Music Blog – Mikel Erentxun

I went back to one of my favorites this morning.  I felt like listening to a singer/songwriter, mostly mellow acoustic based songs with full band behind him, with a Morrisey-dylanesque attribute to him.  Yes, Mikel Erentxun, who most people know him just as the one half of the famous 80’s pop group Duncan Dhu, has a career of his own, and for the past 10+ years he’s been at it with full strengh.  His recent album, the one I’m listening today, “El Corredor De La Suerte“, is two cd’s full of new songs, which it’s just awesome for me.  I love when artists I like throw double albums.  Combining the traditional spanish POP that has made him famous, with small country influences, sweet guitar arrangements and great vocal melodies.  Definitely one of my personal influences in music creation.  In his myspace you can find four songs, from different albums, but the song “Cartas de Amor” is from the most recent one and the link for the video I’ve attached “Solo Tu” as well.  Definitely an artist one should pay attention to.  He won’t change the world with his music, but at least you’ll listen some good tunes while you live it. 

PS: there’s plenty more videos on yotube and another myspace with a few more songs (/mikelerentxun2).


(Video for the song “Solo Tu” from his most recent album “Corredor de la Suerte”)

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