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TILT Music Blog – Grupo De Expertos Solynieve

This is not a new band.  Well technically it is, but I’ve known of Grupo De Expertos Solynieve for a little while.  It’s just that even though they released their new album not even a year ago, they already have three new songs on their myspace.  And considering the lead singer is the lead singer of the famous indie rock group from Spain Los Planetas, it just shows the dedication.  This project, although can’t hide the resemblance to the other group, has a unique approach to it.  They are more Folk rock based with some country influences.  Songs in spanish of course, but with a more layback, full of sorrows voice, as if they were performing for willie nelson as a judge.  Their first album “Alegato Meridional” is full of great tunes, plus they also have the demos they released freely prior to the cd which where just as great.  It’s one of those side projects that gets a lot of attention (well deserved) and you just want both groups to keep at it for as long as they can.  This group is worth you listening to, if you like Los Planetas, if you like country-folk indie rock and of course if spanish is an issue. 


video for the song “Alegato Meridional”

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