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TILT Music Blog – Love Of Lesbian

Well, this past weekend I started listening to an album I had acquired not so long ago.  The most recent Love of Lesbian cd “Cuentos Chinos Para Niños Del Japón” is one that is creating a buzz in and outside Spain.  They are not a new act neither.  This is their fifth cd, but second song in spanish and honestly this cd is just an indie pop gem.  It was about time Spain started producing new good bands that where not necesarily influenced by Family (not that there’s anything wrong with that but still, come on…it’s been a while).  This group has a fresh sound, but that doesn’t mean is unheard of before.  It has Radiohead and The Cure influences, but the voice of the singer is quite captivating, the melodies are well created and, you know it’s one of those things where you ask yourself, why this cd is not on the billboard.  But we know the answer to that.  The industry sucks donkey ass.  In the meantime, we can find almost any band out there here on myspace or on last.fm.  The funny thing is that’s hard for me to tell you that this two or three songs are my favorites, because the truth of the matter is…I can listen to the whole album without feeling overwhelmed, with “filling” songs.  But if I had to pick some out of the bunch from this new album I’d say “Shiwa“, “Universos Infinitos” and “Noches Reversibles“.  Check them out, and if you like this album, go browse the older ones.  It’s a nice band to have in your collection.



Video for the song “Universos Infinitos”

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