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TILT Music Blog – Rachmaninov

Yes, you are not reading wrong.  Todays pick is not some indie band from God knows what city, or some folk singer who sings his sorrows away on his guitar.  Today I have a migraine, and there is only one song that helps me mellow down while I’m like this and that is Rhapsody On The Theme Of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninov (although some people spell it Rachmaninoff).  This particular song is not only splendid by itself, but it’s part of a cult classic film from the US (Somewhere In Time featuring Christopher Reeve).  Those of you who remember, it’s the theme song for the movie Somewhere in Time.  Well I don’t know what it is about this song, but all I can say is that it transports me, and it’s such an incredible composition that should not be taken aside by those who do not appreciate a good classical piece.  Having said that, the rest of his compositions are works of art by themselves.  I do recommend the song wether you are a dire romantic, a painfully migraine sufferer or someone who just enjoys a good song. period.

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