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TILT Music Blog – Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh. Still on the same track as yesterday, only today I felt more like listening to some mellow songs that placed more emphasis on the piano.  I had spent most of the day listening to Damien Rice and remembered I had found this artists music on myspace.  Like Emeril would say “BAM”.  It just hit the spot.  Yes, as you might have noticed, I’m very moody musically speaking.  It’s a good thing, almost every artist out there has a myspace page…it’s just a matter of finding them.  So here’s this guy, with his handfull of songs, from New England, that reminds me of the melodies of Cat Stevens, Damien Rice and Aqualung, yet not riping their style.  I tried finding more information on him on the web, but all I found was some other guy named Michael Cavanaugh that played a more pop rock style.  So if you are looking for this sort of mellow, mainly piano based tunes, simple yet nicely configured melodies, then check the Mike Cavanaugh I originally found.


he also has a few more songs for download in this other address…

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