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TILT Music Blog – Owen

So I felt like listening to something a little more mellow, and on the acoustic side, and I came across this fellow Owen and his latest release from 2006 “At Home With Owen” .  Simple linear acoustic, sometime accompanied with a piano and a sad voice reminecent to a sixties crooner mixed together with an emo kid trying to be more formal.  The sound of the guitar is simply beautifully displayed and complementing the voice to the outmost extent.  For a day like today it’s just perfect.  It’s cloudy and rainy outside, a little cold inside, and this album, which in it’s entirety delivers the same emotion, track after track, fits the bill for a mellow working day.  Some of the tracks that I enjoyed the most are “The Sad Waltzes Of Pietro Crespi” and “Bad News” and “Use Your Words“.  I’m guessing that if I had to compare Owen to another contemporary artists so people had an idea of what I was talking about, I’d had to say John Mayer, except that this guy doesn’t suck on 8 out of his 10 songs.  So if you enjoy simple acoustic songs, with an easygoing delivery, this might be what you are looking for.  I know it was what I needed for this morning.


Video for the song  “One Of These Days”

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