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TILT Music Blog – The Antlers

I’ve taken a vacation from posting on the blog, but that does not mean I have not been on the lookout for new tunes.  As a matter of fact, I’ve had my ears full of new music, I think that’s why I took a break.  Overcrowding, so I separated a bit.  Then I started listening to an album I acquired not long ago, by a group called The Antlers – “In The Attic Of The Universe” (2007).  I was defenitely mesmerized.  Simple, bits of noises here and there, beautiful harmonies, defining acoustic guitars and a feeling of laying on top of your car, in a starry night with no obstructions, just this tunes playing from your speakers.  Just formidable music.  Specially “The Universe is going to catch you” and “Stairs to the attic“.  I not only recommend it, but would force any friend of mine to listen to it.  It’s that good.  And even better? you can download the album for free from their webpage.  http://www.antlersmusic.com/ .  The most formidable thing of them all, is that this was made by Peter Silberman, a 21 year old musician, and this is his 5th release…now ain’t that something? You should hurry to discover them, ’cause the universe might get you…


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